Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scrapbook Expo

I'm starting to find my mojo, slow but, sure...spent the day at the Scrapbook Expo , found out about it at the last minute and wrangled my friend to go with me. Bought a lot of stamps...a bunch of Sara Kays, Tina Wenke, foil to emboss with, micro fine glitter that you can actually use your copics over the top of it, it was awesome. I hope to now find time to get some stuff done.
I've had the death of my mom on New Years Day, a friend who passed away from H1N1, 2 of my adopted "boys" have serious health issues, and one of thems 1 1/2 yr old son has had brain surgery twice in less than 2 weeks. So any prayers you can send up will help them all.

I have a head full of ideas , just need to find time to do them :-). And, pray my memory can remember

So, don't give up on me!! I'm getting ready to get some stuff done. I have the 37 cards that I did with Very limited papers that I took to Slovakia scrapbook I did them as far as I could, so now on to finish the embellishments! So , hopefully those will get posted soon.
Stay tuned.....

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