Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Diane Duda

These are all from Diane Dudas stamps available at Funky kits . I LOVE these stamps! I'm using my nieces boyfriends mac and I have no idea how to crop these or fix the photos.
These are a few of the cards I've made while in Slovakia. Now, mind you I only had access to 6 or 7 papers! And there is NO where to buy any here so, they're alittle simpler then normal but, they were fun to make. I colored them all in with my copics and added alittle sparkle with my Spica pens! I actually colored these on the plane trip and everyone got up to come watch me color...it was really funny. I had just gotten this new set and I couldn't wait to get them inked up, then when I got here I was able to sit down and make cards with them, I can't wait for new ones from Diane Duda.


  1. Nicky!! these rock!..every single last one of them.....now...come home......I miss you....:{

  2. These cards are so cute! Love the adorable girls on them! Love your pretty coloring!
    Hope your trip is going well! Sorry that there are no LSS in places where you visit...
    Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a very kind comment!